Wednesday, 18 March 2015

When Dogs Fly: Part Deux

I'm reporting cessation of Operation Puppy Immigration.

In my previous post, When Dogs Fly, I mentioned I had submitted an online query on CAL's site for CAL Kingston, and I'd got some quick responses. Gonna get into the exchange a bit more and share the responses. You know? Just in cases.

You'll also see why I've had a change of heart and mind re getting a pup from Jamaica to Canada.

About two hours after submitting the query, I heard from Laura. She requested some more information. I gave her guesstimates. And, as I wasn't sure at the time whether they transported pups younger than 12 weeks, I covered both possibilities – in case I had to wait until she got older:

Kennel for 9-week old puppy approx: 15" (L) x 10" (W) x 12" (H) 
Kennel weight approx: 15 pounds
Puppy weight approx: 15 pounds
Kennel for 5-month old puppy approx: 36" (L) x 25" (W) x 27" (H) 
Kennel weight approx: 20 pounds
Puppy weight approx: 30 pounds

Laura replied about an hour after.

Based on these weights the dogs will have be sent via our cargo service. Please see freight cost below:

9 week old puppy at 14kgs actual / 5kgs dimensional
Freight charge             USD $7.68 x 14kgs    140.00 (minimum)
Fuel Surcharge            USD $0.41 x 14kgs     25.00 (minimum)
Security Surcharge      USD $0.07 x 14kgs      10.00
Airway Bill Fee            USD $9.00                     9.00
Total Charge                                               184.00

5 month old puppy at 23kgs actual / 66kgs dimensional
Freight Charge           USD $7.68 x 66kgs    506.88
Fuel Surcharge           USD $0.41 x 23kgs      25.00 (minimum)
Security Surcharge     USD $0.07 x 66kgs      10.00 (minimum)
Airway Bill Fee           USD $9.00                     9.00
Total Charge                                              550.88

Our flight to Toronto operates three times weekly which are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Our flight departs at 8:30am and arrives at 12:45pm
All shipment must be booked at least three(3) days prior to actual departure date.

I had just a few more questions. Last set. Honest.

So, would we have to visit your office and book in person, or could that be done by phone? 
It is a non-stop flight. So, she would arrive at 12:45 and we proceed to clear her through customs, etc., on that day. Right?
And, I take it CAL Cargo in Kingston would provide us with all details on where to go to collect her when the flight gets in; where to pay landing, processing and handling fees (I called CAL cargo in Mississauga this morning and they told me about those fees), and Canada Border Services Agency, etc.? 

I sent that in the late afternoon. She replied early the next day.

Yes. Our flight is a non-stop into Toronto.
All paper and customs process will have to done the day before departure.

Documents required for shipping
The dog will have to be fully vaccinated by a private vet. You will receive a letter to take to the government vet and from there you have to obtain an export licence from Trade. Also, you will be required to obtain an import permit from country of destination before the dog can be shipped.
(Note: I recall the person I spoke with at Canada Food Inspection Agency saying Canada does not require an import permit. More on Canada's import requirements here.)

 The Procedure to Air Freight Shipment is as follows:
 1. The dog should be place into a kennel that he be able to move around freely.
 2. You are required to complete three (3) sets of forms which are Instructions for Dispatch of Goods, Tally Sheet and Customs C87, which can be purchased for JMD$100.00
 3. You will then take these forms over to the Customs Manifesting Branch, where they will be processed at a cost of JMD $3005.00. You will then return to our warehouse where your documents will be reviewed for acceptance of your shipment.
 4. Your shipment will then be accepted and weighed. All shipment must be booked as least three (3) days prior to scheduled departure and must be delivered to our warehouse the day before departure.

Note: You will need to have with you a valid ID (Driver's Licence, Passport or National ID) and your TRN.

In order to give the cost to ship the dog, we are going to need the weight of the dog inside the kennel as well as the dimensions of the kennel.

Our Handling Company in Toronto info is as follows:

Contact Person: Emile Lazarus
Swissport Cargo Services
Vista Cargo Center, Core G
Silver Dart Drive,
Mississauga Ontario L5P 1B1
Tel #: 905-673-2468
Mr. Lazarus will be able to assist with information for clearance in Toronto.

Kudos to Laura for her fast responses. I let her know how much I appreciated her helping me. Thanks to her, I made an informed decision.

Sigh. And now you know. "And knowing is half the battle." Yeah. Battle. No kidding!

As I'd hinted, I got cracking on researching other breeds - much smaller breeds (or cross-breeds) to boot! Well, wouldn't you know it? I found one! Sis, Durie, and I went to meet her. She'll be ready to come home in about mid-April or so. 

By the looks of it, as Durie said, she's already everybody's puppy! Lol! Another sis, Kar, has already got some puppy food and treats waiting. Another sis, Lat, sent to say she's...and I quote, "Adorable!" Heh heh. My parents really like her, too. My niece, Kiki, can hardly wait! And, yes, I've shown her pic to one of my friends. "Awww." Lol! Don't you just love the Awwws?  All being well, I'll share a few pics of the first meeting in the next post.

Oh! I've decided to name her Sydney.


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