Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wild Abandon

First post for the year and I gotta admit that I've been giving much thought to how much I'd like to improve the quality of my writing.  It's not about a new year's resolution.  It's about wanting to get to a higher level.  Yes, I've been writing to save my life.  And I know that, wherever I go in my writing, I will continue to do that on some level.  But, "my life" has begun to yearn for me to go deeper; write better.  See, it has to be at my own pace. 

In giving thought to writing at a deeper level, I recall reading somewhere that what we dread to write about the most; that which we are ashamed of, usually makes for good writing - and great reading.  And, I'm thinking, wouldn't they like to know?  I agree to a large extent with this idea, though.  Could you imagine if I were brave enough to write about all the stuff that has caused me pain, or embarrassment, or deep anxiety over the years?

Well, in the first place, I imagine I would need to treat them as more than mere "stuff".  I'd have to get into the nitty-gritty; get down and dirty; hang out all my linen for all and sundry to see.  Of course, I could always write about these experiences using the cloak of fictional characters.  Would I be able to pull it off without a trace? Should that be the aim?  I don't know.  And, I don't know that I'm there yet.  

That's the crux of it right there, really.  I don't know that I'm there yet.  I believe that the kind of writing that makes you... forces you to let it all out, has to be of a certain calibre, and has to come at a certain time in life.  Do I doubt my ability to write in that don't-care mode ('cause that's what it calls for, I believe).  No, I don't doubt my ability to write with the requisite abandon.  What I think I need, really, is the proper motivation.

So, I am not writing with wild abandon and "dunkya" because, well, it isn't "hurting bad enough yet."

But it will.  It will.



  1. Oh Claudia, how did you know? You were ready for the workshop and it is just the beginning of your exploration of your voice and its power. Gwynn and I were delighted to be there to affirm some of what you clearly already knew. So glad you came to Creative Communicators.

    Write On, Claudia. Write on.

  2. Aahhh, Ruth! Your encouragement means so much to me! I thank you! Thank you, both! What I experienced with you two ladies in the Creative Communicators workshop today was nothing short of incredible! The exercises; the unearthing of abilities that I didn't even know I possessed and the tips you both gave, are timely tools for my current project. I felt that I was in a safe haven and not only did I want to write, but, your affirmations helped build my confidence that I am on the right track. It's #writeorsuffocate. I'm breathing much better tonight!