Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Turning Back a Few Pages

I've found some sweet spots on the pages of Facebook. Yeah.  Let's just dive right in, shall we?

Having decided to be open in my Cyopro connections on FB, I've been transported back to a time about which I have really precious memories.  I've connected with people I met and knew in my twenties; people who cared to groom me and inspire me and look out for me - that sorta thing.  And, I've simply embraced the transport and the nice feelings that come with it.  We've touched based, shared a little, laughed (the LOL kind) a lot. But, invariably, it's with the comfort's okay.  I don't have to wonder about probable hidden agendas; chips on shoulders; slight narcissism - you know, the kinds of things you are hap to discover in one or two people as you discover...yourself.

True, I've spoken before about linking with people you haven't seen from Adam.  That you never know how they have been shaped and by what: whether it's something from which you'd want to stay far far away.  However, I'm talking about a connection with older folks (I'd say not so much to be my mother, but they were, in a sense, pretty motherly); folks who were eager to affirm my strength and drive and self esteem and potential...  They were not afraid of doing so because they themselves stood secure in who they were.  That's how it seemed to me, and I've had no reason to doubt it.  So often we find that some stay clear of affirming the strength and beauty of others (not that they're needed to validate all that!) it's like, it'll diminish them in some way if they do.

But not these.  They gave of self and support.  That's how I remember it.  That's what has stayed with me from the season we spent together years ago.  And, it brings a smile when I read a message saying how proud they are of me!

As in every nostalgic episode, I imagine, we seek out and cling to that which makes us feel all happy and gay and free and at ease! (Yeah, that's what I said.)  We cling to that which makes us experience, in some way, the comfort and security we felt at that point in time.  I get it.  That is what has happened/is happening to me where these special connections - reconnections - are concerned.

And, I like!

They'll probably read this post one day so I say, thank you, Faith and Pat! (They did say I could drop the Mrs. this and Mrs. that! :-)


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