Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sydney's Home!

We brought my new puppy, Sydney, home today. We, because, although I'm her primary caregiver, she already pretty much belongs to everyone in the family. Yeah, it's like that.

Durie, Kiki and Koko (sis, lil niece and lil nephew) made the road trip to the Kitchener-Waterloo area with me today. It was a joy to finally hold her, knowing she's mine - technically, and yes, I want to be technical - and to share her with the others, too. She's been introduced to all the family via Skype or phone! They think she's a sweetie. :-)

So far, she is adjusting quite nicely. She's used her "pee pad" a few times already, and she knows her way to her food and water. Good girl.

I imagine the first night will be a tad rough for her, but she's already proven she's a real trooper.

Also, you should see her strut her stuff like she's a top contender at Crufts! Lol! Never mind that she's a Pekepoo - Pekingese/Toy Poodle mix. She doesn't know it - and she doesn't care. Clearly.

I'm thankful for her. She is already loved.


It took a while, but I finally got her to stand still enough for a close-up.

This didn't take as long. She knows where to find her food and water.

Yup. She's a snuggler.

Why Sydney? I named her after my favourite TV action character, Sydney Bristow in ALIAS. She was a brilliant CIA agent; a tough kickboxer, and a beautiful, kind-hearted person. Yes, I have the DVDs - in the Rambaldi Box!


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