Wednesday, 8 April 2015


April is usually celebrated as poetry month. It's in light of this that the Oakville Lit Café holds a poetry competition each April. I think this is the first time (since I started attending) I'll be in town for it. (I'm usually on vacation to celebrate my birthday.) So, I submitted my entry the other day. The entries will be judged by a panel - not the audience. Also, the poems should include three of the judges' given words - all starting with the letter 'E'. Out of the list of about 10 or so, I chose: epiphany, evanescent, and ethereal.

It'd be nice to win.


I hear the distance I travel
I feel the distance I fear
Spanning the height 
Between ground and endless sky
My feet are off the ground
And I am high.

This is neither flying
Nor soaring. An epiphany.
I'm being transported into
A vast nothingness
Losing all sense of context
And motion and time and space
I feel the distance increasing
I go up, up, and away.

Hands over ears
I melt inside
No tears
Can't cry if I can't feel
Now, can I?
Am I there yet?
No, higher yet.

Soon, I morph into a shadow
Of my former self
Looming evanescent
Nothing happens.
My thoughts are crystal clear.

This moving, my doing
This distance, my desire.
Is my fear of heights weaker 
Than my fear of loving you?
Than I fear being loved by you?

I was prepared to die flying
Than I was to die trying
At something new with you.
Something ethereal, yet true.

I don't have a fear of heights
I have a fear of falling
I have a fear of loving
And falling into you.

Update 2015-04-30: I won! :-)


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