Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Not-so-great Expectations

More often than not, whenever I open the new post page to the blank screen, I tell myself I won't be long. Next thing I know, I'm hitting 600+ words. Tonight, however, I won't be long. I think.

I've been thinking about this blog and where it's headed. I really like the fact that I've carved out a little space in cyberspace and write whatever I want to. However, my first book of poetry (there's at least one other poetry book inside me) is being published - Fourteen to Fortyish: The Formative Years. I'm excited and humbled and thankful...all up in my feels, really. I am also a tad concerned that, as a published poet, my lil blog will be expected to feature more writing about poetry, the writing process, and the like. And, that's not one of the feels. Okay. Lemme stop speaking in SoMe language for a second.

The idea that I may be expected to write more about my work as a poet is a tad unappealing. I relish the luxury I now have - writing about a variety of subject matter. My posts range from dogs to Desiderata; Buju to BlackBerry; writing to World Cup.... You catch my drift. I am a real person, and I find many things in life interesting - even up to a point, at a certain point - and like to write about them.

So, I dunno. I'm thinking the writing/poetry posts will come - the words will force themselves into my psyche - and I will have no choice but to write them. For, whenever I do write about writing and poetry and creative processes, it's because I simply must. I am just a bit wary that I might have to sacrifice subject range on the altar of brand development.

That mightn't be a bad thing. Still, new visitors to my blog will, hopefully, come to understand that writing and poetry, and writing about writing and poetry, are just part of the whole. And, while they're at it, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

All being well, my book will be out in September 2015. Would you look at that? "My book." :-) Thank You, God. At this stage, I'm writing those important sections for inclusion. Y'know? Acknowledgements, intro, bio, and everything like such as... :-)


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sydney's Home!

We brought my new puppy, Sydney, home today. We, because, although I'm her primary caregiver, she already pretty much belongs to everyone in the family. Yeah, it's like that.

Durie, Kiki and Koko (sis, lil niece and lil nephew) made the road trip to the Kitchener-Waterloo area with me today. It was a joy to finally hold her, knowing she's mine - technically, and yes, I want to be technical - and to share her with the others, too. She's been introduced to all the family via Skype or phone! They think she's a sweetie. :-)

So far, she is adjusting quite nicely. She's used her "pee pad" a few times already, and she knows her way to her food and water. Good girl.

I imagine the first night will be a tad rough for her, but she's already proven she's a real trooper.

Also, you should see her strut her stuff like she's a top contender at Crufts! Lol! Never mind that she's a Pekepoo - Pekingese/Toy Poodle mix. She doesn't know it - and she doesn't care. Clearly.

I'm thankful for her. She is already loved.

Also, also...pics!

It took a while, but I finally got her to stand still enough for a close-up.

This didn't take as long. She knows where to find her food and water.

Yup. She's a snuggler.

Why Sydney? I named her after my favourite TV action character, Sydney Bristow in ALIAS. She was a brilliant CIA agent; a tough kickboxer, and a beautiful, kind-hearted person. Yes, I have the DVDs - in the Rambaldi Box!


Wednesday, 8 April 2015


April is usually celebrated as poetry month. It's in light of this that the Oakville Lit Café holds a poetry competition each April. I think this is the first time (since I started attending) I'll be in town for it. (I'm usually on vacation to celebrate my birthday.) So, I submitted my entry the other day. The entries will be judged by a panel - not the audience. Also, the poems should include three of the judges' given words - all starting with the letter 'E'. Out of the list of about 10 or so, I chose: epiphany, evanescent, and ethereal.

It'd be nice to win.


I hear the distance I travel
I feel the distance I fear
Spanning the height 
Between ground and endless sky
My feet are off the ground
And I am high.

This is neither flying
Nor soaring. An epiphany.
I'm being transported into
A vast nothingness
Losing all sense of context
And motion and time and space
I feel the distance increasing
I go up, up, and away.

Hands over ears
I melt inside
No tears
Can't cry if I can't feel
Now, can I?
Am I there yet?
No, higher yet.

Soon, I morph into a shadow
Of my former self
Looming evanescent
Nothing happens.
My thoughts are crystal clear.

This moving, my doing
This distance, my desire.
Is my fear of heights weaker 
Than my fear of loving you?
Than I fear being loved by you?

I was prepared to die flying
Than I was to die trying
At something new with you.
Something ethereal, yet true.

I don't have a fear of heights
I have a fear of falling
I have a fear of loving
And falling into you.

Update 2015-04-30: I won! :-)