Sunday, 28 December 2014

End of Here

Even as I sit here admiring the blank - well, now, sorta blank - page, I'm still not certain what to write about in this post. It's the last one for the year, and, like most of the other end-of-year ones before it, it must take on a hue of the nostalgic. It shan't be an executive summary of the happenings of 2014, or a (long) list of blessings for which I am thankful. No sireee. Like I'd mentioned some time ago, my prayer journal gets it all - and constantly during the year, too.

I experienced many teachable moments this year. Heck. The entire year was a teachable moment!

I learned not to write people off for the occasional hurt. People who love each other will do that. Hurt each other, I mean. I made a note to self: I'm not perfect, either. There's anger and silence... But, it's the love between them that helps them cross over to the other side of the anger or hurt. Not what society or social media thinks of their relationship; not what their friends have to say about it. It's about their mutual love and how much they care about each other. They know they matter more to each other than what "people have to say." Pshh.

Found on the Internet. Somewhere.

Learned that I'm more patient than I thought I was. I've come to know - and be able to tell - the difference between foolishness-up-with-which-I-cannot-put and a cry for patience. At some point in the year, I remembered how, in the past, there were some who were not as patient with me as I had wanted...needed them to be. I understand, now. Life takes funny turns. And gives you 20/20 vision. And then it comes full circle. So, turns out I've become much more patient. Who knew? No, really. Who knew? It would have been nice to have been so enlightened. It sometimes helps to see yourself through the eyes of another. Which brings me to my next moment.

It sometimes helps to see yourself through the eyes of another. As time wears on, it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day. What's that quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson? "The years teach much which the days never know." Unless someone taps us on the shoulder and draws our attention to it, we don't look up long enough to see the positive difference we make in the lives of others. Plus, others see confidence and ability and so much more that we either have a) come to take for granted, or b) not taken stock of, unless we're updating our résumés or Bios. Characteristics like strength of spirit and fortitude and stick-to-itiveness don't really shine until we are rubbed. Hard. Yeah, to borrow the sentiment from that popular ad, "You're stronger than you think."

Turns out I don't need someone's permission to love them. Who would've thunk it? I can love people, whether they like it or not. I've also taken note that love, like a plant when it's not nurtured, may die. And, like a plant when it is nurtured, love grows. Nay, flourishes.

Know what else? I got better at living in the moment. I could get used to that. I'd better. :-)

Turns out, I can learn something new every day. I learned how to make a wicked sweet potato puddn! Lat, one of my sis, taught me.

In 2014, not all my prayers were answered with "Yes." I also heard, "No." A lot. I also heard, "Wait." All in all, thankful. I believe God's heart toward me is beautiful and perfect. He knows what He's about.

Lest I forget, thank you, dear reader, so very much, for reading my blog. It's not a themed blog and I'm not an expert on anything. I simply like to write about life - and how it goes. And how it goes on. Because, if it's one thing we come to understand is that life goes on. And, btw, it doesn't slow down just because you are late or unprepared. I still write to enlighten, educate and inspire. Hopefully, the young'uns in my family will find some gems in these posts in years to come.

We're winding down - and winding up! 2015. God willing, we'll soon be there. We're nearing the end of here. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions. I simply think it'd be good to realize a dream or two - old or new - and be wiser for the journey ahead. Wisdom is the principal thing.

And, one more thing. This became a mantra of mine in 2014: #EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright

Oh, and, one more 'one more thing': Don't blink!


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