Saturday, 28 June 2014

Could I Make It In Kindergarten?

Most schools have, by now, let out for the summer break. My almost Two year-old nephew's care...early (I really gotta brush up on this for future reference) is no exception. I got wind of his report card and the little fellow mastered all areas. Cool.

The areas under evaluation, however, got me thinking. Koko, so affectionately called, is almost Two. He has mastered the motor skill of scribbling spontaneously. Uh-huh! Question is, have I mastered the skill of scribbling spontaneously? Intrigued as to where this evaluation of my motor, cognitive and social/language skills would lead, I decided to take the plunge and consider a few areas in each category. Could I make it in kindergarten? Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Try it.

Motor Skills

Can feed self with spoon: For the most part, yes. I have a pretty good idea how wide I've opened my mouth to receive self-fed food.

Able to drink from a cup with lid/without lid: Well, which is it?! And, have they never heard of straws?

Walks up/down stairs with help: Did I mention that I fell up the stairs the other day? No? I fell up the stairs the other day.

Begins to run: Happy to say, yes. But, what is a respectable, face-saving distance at which to stop?

Scribbles spontaneously: Ace this! Catch me in a meeting. Any meeting.

Cognitive Skills

Begins to participate in make believe play: Around here I call it dreaming. So, yes. It is integral to writing.

Enjoys taking things apart: Have we met?

Wants to explore surroundings: That I do. A.k.a., travel more of the world.

Can/will follow directions: Can't promise outright. It depends.

Points to 3 or 4 body parts when asked: Can't promise outright. It depends.

Enjoys looking at the same books: Yes. And, occasionally, reads them!

Social Skills/Language

Exhibits mature jabbering: But a wha dis Faada? What the heck?

Responds to yes/no questions regarding wants and needs: Yes. Sometimes. Okay, for the most part.

Refers to self by name: Get out!! I used to do that?

Gets angry and has mastered temper tantrums: This one's a trap! A classic "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Acts shy around strangers: Define "shy".

Engages in parallel play (alongside other children): Never! Okay. Kidding. I've been known to play.

Your turn.


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