Sunday, 18 May 2014

Settled in. Now, where's the remote?

Ever get that?

Snack? Check.
TV's on? Check.
Favourite couch? Check.

Depending on the time of year, you might also want to have the throw over your feet. Or not. Your call. Everything's in place.

Everything - except the remote.

Of course, having settled in, the remote has to be all the way over there. The fact that it's "over there" means you have to dismantle the little fortress of comfort you had so carefully built moments ago, to take three or four steps to get the darned thing. You look around a bit for a ruler or something you could use to nudge it toward you. (A ruler? Really?) Frustrated with yourself for being so stupid (how does one draft a carefully-laid-out plan and forget a critical component?) you fume, thinking of the steps you're going to have to re-take to rebuild the comfort zone.

Unless there's someone else in the house. And you don't mind being on the receiving end of "the look". The like-seriously-you-called-me-from-all-the-way-upstairs-to-hand-you-the-remote-that's-in-the-couch-two-feet-away-from-you? look.

Or you could wait, suffer what's on in silence, then, at the right moment, pull a "while-you're-up".

All the best with that.

Another of these little inconveniences occurs when you obey the Enter sign to join a queue to purchase tickets of some sort. You know? The maze that begins and never seems to end as you bob and weave following the queue barriers? Never mind that there's only one other person in the "line". You'd feel terrible releasing one or more of the barrier ropes to make a shortcut. Just as you complete the maze and find yourself behind that one other person, what happens? One of the customer service agents comes by and rejigs the whole thing! So, now, the entrance is much closer to the front because they have realized - after your marathon - that there's no need for all those curves and turns. When that happened to be recently, the Customer Service agent simply chuckled as she moved the post.
"It figures, eh?"
"Never fails," I smiled back.

Then there's the moment when you let another driver ahead of you. As you approach the next light, the amber changes to red. You are turning right - and can do so on the red. But the guy who's now in front of you just sits there - because he's going straight ahead.

It figures, eh?


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