Thursday, 8 May 2014

Political Limericks

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning I awoke. For some reason, a few of my thoughts turned to Jamaica and the latest political scandal to plague the current administration. It's not that I was having a nightmare from which I woke up. No, the nightmare is already being played out in real life in Ja. It's just that...I think I'd retired much earlier than usual the night before.

Anyway, the thoughts began to morph into limericks! And moved from one topic to another. As I figured they would not leave me alone until they were penned, I turned on the light and put pen to paper. An hour later, the last of the early morning creative juices were poured into last one.

Later that day, I tweeted them. Well, bounced them off sis, @MizDurie, first. Then, I put them on the TL.

(Articles on the 381-megawatt energy plant/EWI/PNP brouhaha may be found here, here and here. And, of course, there's Google.)

Here, as in below, are the limericks from the wee hours of that morning:

There once was a Min'ster named Paulwell
Slicker than Squealer in Orwell
Cried, Jah know, I try!
Stop trying, and go! Mr. Paulwell

Paulwell told CG, do over!
Change ur mind, we do need the funds, sir
The CG said no
I can't do it bro
I'd be a scoundrel of highest order.

Corruption we're fighting too long
We're *on it* PM sang the song
Then came Azan
With his marketing plan
Seems she spelled *lovin it* wrong.

Prime Minister P SimpsonMiller
What's there to be said about her?
She hails from Woodhall
I guess #thatisall
Oh! And she'll fly out at dinner.

The legacy of the Prime Min'ster
Will be the awards on her dresser
Female PM and such
Hm. Not too much
Some people in foreign do rate her.

Career politicians galore
Their ideas we've heard all before
Take folks for a spin
Then they put them back in
It seems we can take much more.

In other news, Ontario's election will be held on June 12, 2014. The platforms are slowly taking shape. Can't say much more on that. Really.

Decisions. Decisions. 


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