Friday, 23 May 2014

Inside the Mind of an Island

Inside the Mind of an Island

Battles are fought
And won
Or lost
In the mind.

In my mind
And for my people
The struggle is real.
The epic battle within 
Good vs. The Greater Good
Manifested daily
Demonstrated mainly
In the choices we make.
The actions we do 
And do not take.

Here is the environment
In which I must exist
In whose surroundings I must
Live and breathe
If at all I can.
Encumbered by fumes of waste

Here is my environment
That component of
My and my people's element 
With which we must be content
Before we even talk about Development.

Some days we take one step forward
The next, three steps back
And back to the drawing board
Or some other board
Chaired by one of two or three.
Apparently, the pool is limited
But always big enough to form
A committee.

Some days we go around in circles
Dancing to the beat of
A different kettle of fish
Nothing but red herrings
It is futile to simply wish
It all away.
To reboot
Unbreak my island heart.

My past.
My future.
My present.
This present is no gift
This present is well tense.
No recompense is near 
For those who work hard
And grin and bear

The birth of a nation
What a lovely idea.
Forefathers and foremothers
And foresisters and forebrothers
Had my interest at heart.
For the most part.
Now my people scheme 
To live the American dream.

Can I blame them?
I see them leaving
Left, right and centre
Let them go.
I cannot contain them
Little hope in the Vision.
Reality is a nightmare
On every street.

Years of mismanagement
I keep giving my leaders a bly.
I tell myself it's not easy
And they do try.
Over time, it gets easier
To believe the lie.

When they take my name to foreign
In North America and Europe
I'm presented as a lady 
Assuring all who will hear
Of my paradisiacal climes and beaches and wares.
Really, Massa, we just need a gift or two
When we get back, we'll know what to do.

They try to win the confidence
Of lenders and investors who
In their right minds would agree
That something's awry
And the people aren't free.

They're enslaved in a thinking
That handouts are better
And the love of a leader
Is the thing that matters
That goods from foreign
And such accouterments
Are indisputable signs of development.

How can they not make a killing
From people who are willing
To take loans for entertainment?
Either a cruel joke or
Human experiment.
Who is sitting aside to track it?
Caviar taste
Tin mackerel pocket.

So, foreign lenders lend
Foreign investors invest
And bet.
But they ensure theirs is a winning hand
No way will they lose
And my people must understand
That promises made must be promises kept
So, investors get two or more islands for the price of one.

Back at home 
In the not so comfortable zone
The bed that has been years in the making
Is there, ready and waiting.
I know what to do
Lie prostrate and spread 'em
There's no fight left to fight 'em.
Politicians come and go
Room for rent they apply within
When one set runs out
The other runs in.

This environment is a mess
Leaders – some thirty years in – still clueless
Where are the leaders, we ask
Who are willing to walk the talk?
To usher us into the 2030 space
At a more efficient pace?

Do we have to make a choice
Between a welcome environment and
It’s food for thought
But let me get past
Today’s headline horror
I’ll think about that question...


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