Friday, 28 March 2014

"If He Loves You"

I was tempted to share my latest poem - written yesterday! But, I've shared it with only one person so far. And, it does need a bit of editing, I think. Plus, an additional stanza has been engraving itself in my brain. So, there's that.

The poetry work-in-progress is almost through. I've had it edited. There is a category I'm hoping to fill with poems that speak of happiness and loving and being loved in return. Grabbing the closest piece of paper I could find yesterday, I hurriedly penned such a one. They do not come by very often, so I dared not lose the moment. Turns out I'm pretty excited about getting those words down on paper or some electronic device. They carry with them a measure of...hope, if you will.

And, hope is a good thing. :-)

This one is entitled, "If He Loves You". It's from that batch I wrote in April 2012 when I took off for vacation and ditched the playwriting contest. But, I had to keep myself writing, so I went on an "A Poem A Day" adventure! Glad I did. I produced some that took the focus off of myself for a bit.

And that was a good thing. :-)

If He Loves You

I overheard someone at work today
Talking about a fight they'd had
Sounds like it was pretty bad
Between she and her lover,
And, like any other love story
It had the element of surprise
I saw it in her eyes
She blamed his mother.

Seemed he found it hard
To give what due to each.
That one was out of my reach.
I smiled because, well, to be honest
I did not know what to say.
Not that she was talking to me
But I felt hard pressed to duly
Inform her it would be okay.

There was something inside that said
Tell her it gets better
It looks bad but it doesn't matter
If he loves you - and he does - 
Then you two will work it out.
But something else spoke even louder
Above the din of my despair
So, why didn't you guys work it out?

- Dnafcnatgada


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