Saturday, 18 January 2014

Freefall Writing: The Pressure. The Promise.

Ohhh! The pressure! The pressure! I feel like a thousand eyes - or pairs of eyes, which would make it two thousand eyes - are on me! Oh, my gosh! Two thousand eyes! Breathe.

I imagine the ideal thing is to try to write a story. Actually, that doesn't make sense. There can be no "ideal thing" in freefall writing, can there? Unless, I suppose, one is working on a story and is writing freefall with that in mind. Clearly, I am not so restrained. My mind just went to the ravine that sits as a lovely backdrop to my living room and kitchen. It has since returned.

I smile when I think of the sights I see from my window. Right now, the ground is covered with snow. It has been this way for the past few weeks. But, we got fresh snow last night and it's easy to tell. No footprints. No disturbance of the soft layer of cotton-y blanket. Another lovely sight is that of squirrels chasing each other up and down the trees that stand bare in the ravine beyond the fence. This morning, there were three of them spiralling up one of the largest trunks. You can spiral up, can't you? Well, not you you. The squirrels, I mean. Anyway, there were those three. Then, another two playing what seemed to be hide-and-seek a few metres away. I even saw a fox over there once. That was last winter. He (or she) hasn't been back. Or, perhaps it's that I haven't seen him or, this time around. I also get quite an array of birds in my neck o' the woods. From owls to blue jays to hawks and...ok, permission to check Google. I need to. It's such a pretty bird and I'd hate to mess up the name.  *hears voice* "Permission granted." Thank you, whoever you are!  It's the Northern Cardinals. Yes. They do come by and they are so pretty to look at. And, of course, numerous sparrows.

Know what else that ravine says? Seasons change. Yeah. My ravine talks. Yours doesn't? Hm. Look at that! I'm sure I've written a post dedicated to that fact before. Not the talking ravine. The 'seasons change' fact. But, to get into it a bit where the forestry outside my window is concerned, it's a joy to behold. The trees underscore that fact of nature, and are a tangible and compelling reminder that seasons do change. Of course, the first thing I grab a hold of is the metaphorical or philosophical angle. To see the buds coming back in spring; full leaves resuming their place on the trees by summer; the change into glorious colours, come fall - coupled with "nature's pruning" somewhere in there - then, bare branches and twigs come winter, in time for that snow-laden, artsy post-cardy look.

I've learned to appreciate that, actually. Seasons change. So much so that when situations get me feeling really awful, I need only remind myself that it's only for a while. Anita Baker had a lovely song out by that title years ago: "Only For a While". I've looked for it on YouTube... "Permission granted." Whoo hoo! It's there now! \o/ I checked a few years ago and it wasn't yet there. And, tonight, as I sorta cheated on this freefall thing - which is not to say that I'm saying that cheating pays. Perish the thought! It's just that I have to 'fess up, is all - I found it! I can go back and link to it now. Heh heh. It's good to know though, isn't it. Bad or awful times don't last. And, if it's one thing I've been reminded of since the start of this year, it's this: Life. Goes. On.

Life does go on. Just keep going. Even if for a little while you're just going through the motions; using up your mechanical memory; existing and not really really living. Keep going. I've found allowing an awful feeling to run its course is a good thing. Just let it. Be upset. Cry 'til there are no more tears but you're crying anyway. Be forlorn. Then, be done with it. In a little while, life will start, again. And, don't underestimate the power of love. Love has this...this way about it, whether you're giving it or getting it. Even just the memory of love and lovely moments shared will add a smile to your heart.

I promise.

Note: Had more "fall" in the freefall this time around. I'm gettn there.


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