Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tens of Thousands of Words

Road trip!!!

Ahh, yes. The sound of music to a vacationer's ear; a lovely note on which to end this year.

I'm happy to have shared these posts with you in 2013. Glad you took the time to read what I wrote. #writeorsuffocate

The road trip in December took us to Mystic Mountain Rain Forest, St. Ann, Jamaica.  It's easy to understand why folks take dozens, if not hundreds of pics, of a breathtaking view! It's an effort to capture "unphotographable beauty". :-)

The staff at Mystic Mountain were excellent! They helped make the day wonderful and unforgettable.

These pics say tens of thousands of words. Hope you enjoy 'em. Better yet, hope you go!

All the best to you and yours for 2014!

Mount Rosser, St. Ann

Mount Rosser, St. Ann

Mount Rosser, St. Ann

Folks riding the Sky Explorer, Mystic Mountain, St. Ann

End of the line - or the beginning of the next!

The Look-out Tower, Mystic Mountain Rain Forest, St. Ann

Jamaica's motto - "Out of Many, One People" - as it appears on the Coat of Arms

Flora and Fauna in Jamaica

The next few pics: Jamaica's Maritime History

Bobsledding and such


The Hummingbird - The National Bird of Jamaica
The Hummingbird - "Doctor Bird"

View from Mystic Mountain Rain Forest, St. Ann
Crystal clear water in the pool at Mystic Mountain

Bobsledder on track

Long water slide - for adults and children - ending in adjacent pool

Bobsledder on track

Sled - pool - slide - view

Mainly for the children...

Visit already! 

Humming Bird

Humming Bird 

View from the Look-out Tower - looking west

Riding the Sky Explorer - 700 ft above sea level - on the way back down

Canopy of trees

A gorgeous day for sailing

Las' lick!



  1. Very nice pics Madam C..seems you had a ball!!