Monday, 18 November 2013

Love and Other Beautiful Ideas

Even just the idea of love is a beautiful idea. I'm not making this love up.

Don’t be afraid to know yourself. And, when you discover the beautiful person you are, love yourself.

Treat yourself to some tough love. What advice would you give to someone you love facing a similar situation? Take that.

Forgive. But, learn the lesson.

If you won’t be happier being with him/her, then, what’s the point?

Age is just a number. The question is: How old is your soul? 

Laugh a lot. Really live. Grow in wisdom. Travel light.  

There will be pressure on the journey. It’s not pleasant, but it is necessary for growth; for your better – whether you like it or not.

If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of a relationship in which someone is serious about loving you, that’s okay. Do not compromise on how you love. Many say it comes when you least expect it. And, it will be effortless – and beautiful.

People change. People don’t change. Both are true.

Don’t let others tell you how to feel. Convictions are from the heart. If you’re not going with the flow, there’s a reason. Identify it. Be honest and clear in your response. 

Do not be afraid.

What you’re able to live with is your call. If you can stand the toilet seat up, do. If can stand fogged mirrors after a hot shower, do. It really is your call.

Show up. Apply yourself.  Follow through. 

Love thickly.  

Kiss with your eyes closed. Always.


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