Friday, 8 November 2013

Love Always Finds A Minute

There’s a difference between someone who makes you feel like just another one and someone who makes you feel like you’re the one.

Don’t hanker after someone God is taking you from. Don’t run away from someone He’s pulling you toward. No fear. It’s new. It feels strange. But, it’s something far better.  

One may make you feel butterflies in your tummy. But, does s/he make you feel butterflies in your tummy and help make your tummy butterflies fly in V-formation?

Fool me once. Shame on you.
Fool me twice. Shame on me.
Fool me thrice. I must like it when you “fool” me.

Happened more than twice? Followed by, “That’s not really how I am”? No, that’s really how s/he is. Really.

A man who does not keep his word is hoping one day to become a man. A woman should keep her word, too. Some things you don't see coming. Life happens. Communicate.

With myriad media to communicate, if s/he does not call, visit or write/text you, s/he does not want to. From the days of pen & paper to today, love/interest has always found a way to be impressed upon another’s heart.

Do not depend on love/interest to be "understood", or assume that it will be. Love/Interest is action.

If someone does not want to stay, for Heaven's sake - and yours - let them go. No loneliness feels as bad as being miserable hurts.

No matter how busy the day, love/interest always finds a minute to say, "Hi."

Be kind. But, don’t be a doormat.

Trust your gut. No gut? Develop a gut. Trust it.

Some things take guts - your heart-gut and your brain-gut.

Love thickly.

Kiss with your eyes closed. Always.


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