Thursday, 8 August 2013

Getting It Through Our Thick Skulls

I believe if each of us could get it through our thick skulls that we each have something unique to contribute to the world - and we have that without even trying; it comes built-in - and no one in the history of the world or in the future of the world can ever, ever, ever do that which we can do in the way that we do it and contribute to the world in the way that we do, each of us would shine brighter. (Take a breath.)

There is little to no point in envying another's abilities. We are all "differently abled" as the term goes. We all have our strengths and, imperfect human beings that we are, our weaknesses. No achievement by another should cause us to retreat in a slough of despair - worse, envy or jealousy. None. It is easy to cast a side glance and compare. "Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself," the saying goes. Admire, yes, and be inspired. Look on and learn and get better and better - from good to better to best. We all have it in us to be the best that we are here to be. We have become so accustomed to many among us being heralded and lauded and hoisted on pedestals. We may, at times, cringe at the thought of being unseen; of going unnoticed. Some go all out to be noticed; some go all out to remain noticed and popular. I recall something that "Dubya" (George W. Bush, #43) said in an interview. He said, "Chasing popularity, is like chasing a vapor. It is here today and gone tomorrow."

The real question is, are you happy? I believe that happiness and contentment comes from being at peace with yourself. And, being at peace with yourself comes from being the best of the you that God created you to be. Others may have a different take. That's okay. I believe each of us has our own light within. And, we cover it, or cause it to fade, or put it out, when we get in our own way; when we try to convince ourselves that we are not good enough - if we could only be like so and so. We begin to try on someone else's skin and, because it (naturally) will not fit, misery follows. The gem of who we are gets cloaked in doubt and fear and things negative. If we strip ourselves of that pretend-skin and awful cloak, not only would we feel lighter, we would start to glow. And grow.

Let's shine on. We can't help it. It's just how we were...built. And, it is never too late to shine! Oftentimes, we need a little push; sometimes, we just need to be inspired.


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