Sunday, 28 April 2013

"Shifting Moral of the Story"

Alas, the final post for this here poetry month. Not to worry, the poetry continues - as it rightly should. And, as it inevitably will.

Shifting Moral of the Story

So smitten was I with the way
You moved me,
In no time I let you in.
In no time I was driven
To satisfy as you desired
And, so soon I became mired
In the mix of love and hate
You were so deft to create.

People and things I loved
Grew distant
Which is to say, for me,
They became summarily
Insufficient, compared to you,
Your attention. Your love was new
But, in time, grew thin
Scarce affections without and within.

By the time I awoke
You had gone.
Deserted - cradling my new normal -
To face the shifting moral
Of the story. Which one?
They all end in the same song
I gave up everything to make you stay
But you left, anyway.


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