Friday, 18 January 2013

"I'm going to be good to myself!"

There's quite a bit to learn from the lil ones, isn't there? Occasionally, I share a gem as uttered by my now 4yo niece. The other day she gave me cause to pause. Again. She got the phone from her mom and started to tell me about her day at school in Junior Kindergarten. Apparently, one of the other little girls - let's call her Mary - seemed a bit lonely. All the other children had, for one reason or another, left Mary to be by herself. My niece told me how she decided, "I'm gonna be her friend!" And, further to that decision, went to play with Mary.

My niece is one of those little helpers. And, I've come to realize that she is very compassionate and kind toward others. So, it was no surprise to hear her declare that evening, how she was also going to take care of her classmates, as well as friends from other classes. Yes, she has friends from other classes. Said she, "I'm going to be good to Mary. I'm going to be good to the other children. I'm going to change them!" I interjected, "You're going to change them?" "Yes!" She replied. "I'm going to change them and I'm going to be good to them! And, I'm going to be good to myself!" That caught me by surprise, I laughed out loud! But, it was a pleasant surprise. I was, and still am, very glad that she had not overlooked herself as one of those she should be good to. 

There we were, at the start of the year - they had just gone back to school - and, already, I'd received an earful. I'd also received an energizing jolt to help keep me on the right path, even if on the road less travelled.

I'm not in the habit of making New Year's resolutions. This year was no exception. However, now and then, since then, I recall her words and do a quick check: 

Am I being good to myself?


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