Sunday, 28 October 2012

By the numbers

I've been thinking long and hard about whether to write about this. There is absolutely no interest on my part to append any meaning whatsoever on this...thing, with regard to numerology or the like.

About a year and a half ago, when I was still reading the t.o. newspaper, I saw a post from someone who mentioned coming into contact with a certain number over and over in her life. I was drawn to that, as she reeled off several occasions in which she would just "come across" this number, as it had, for a while before that, been happening to me.  And, it still does.

The first number is 911. It started about three or so years ago. I'd check the time and, almost without fail, it would be 9:11am or, at night, if I happened to check the time, it'd be 9:11. Now and then, I'd be off by about a minute, but, for the most part, I'd be on.

The other number is 242. But, there is a story of a different kind of horror connected with this one. I worked for a Frankenboss (a term - with definition and all - that I saw on Twitter today). I imagine he was a nice man - or could be - outside of work. He seemed charming and disarming enough. But, he was a horrible boss. His extension was 242. I'm not even sure when I start started seeing that number...everywhere! I left his employ - ran away from him, actually. Not proud that I did it, but, it had to be done. And, it might have been about two years after, that I started taking note of the number popping up.  More often than not when I check the time in the afternoon, that's it. If I rush to the microwave thinking I might be overheating something, that's the number that greets me.  If I'm working out, by the time I'm done on the treadmill, I've done 2.42 miles and so on.

At first, it was a bit unnerving. Now, not at all, really. I'm not into numerology or anything of the like.  I'd shared about those "special" words and I thought I'd share about these numbers. I decided to do a Google search and check out a few other numbers. Occasionally, it helps to be reminded of how small and finite one is. (Channeling my inner Queen Elizabeth, apparently. :-)  I think I searched for "number of days since" and inserted my birthday. I found this site.  Pretty cool info follows:

According to the site, I've been alive for 15, 172 days. My heart has been beating since birth for 364, 104 hours or 21, 846, 240 minutes or 1, 310, 774, 400 seconds.  I am not a coincidence. I am a wondrous display of the awesome and glorious work of my Creator.  He made me and has kept me all this time.  In and out of many seasons, both literal and figurative, He has kept me. He hasn't taken His eyes off me and He hasn't missed a beat all this time! And, look how many of us there are!

Know what's even cooler? That He can tell exactly where I was and what I was doing and wearing and thinking at second number 998, 234, 769. Or, at minute number 5, 091, 273. He numbers the very hairs on our heads - so particular about His children. He's like that. And, I love that.


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