Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Some people are like Kryptonite.  Ahhh.  That feels so much better.  Bear with me.  I'm not about to "get all negative up in here". But, I discovered some time ago that when you get bold enough, and call a bad thing a bad thing, it takes quite a load off your shoulders.

I was reminded of this the other day as I listened to a story.  In this story, based on actual events, one person was being completely horrid to another. It was not the first time but, hopefully, with the right intervention, it would be the last.  Many are wont to defend or justify or rationalize ugly behaviour.  How often do we hear of persons who are at the receiving end of a behaviour that causes stress; damages self esteem or crushes spirit?  Whether it is suffering at the hand of an abusive partner or narcissistic boss or a thorn of a co-worker, the first step to relief is calling the bad thing a bad thing; calling it what it is.  We are superwomen and supermen, and these people are Kryptonite.

This post is not about process - as in, how to remove oneself from this offensive source.  Instead, it's simply to remind us of the huge value that is within the simple act of calling the thing what it is.  Sometimes, it's just the realization that you are under no obligation to try to "pretty things up" or rationalize ugly behaviour, that starts to lift the weight. Each person's process to get away and/or deal with the offending character will be different. But, I can pretty much guarantee that once you muster up the courage and bravely admit to yourself what is what, you're on your way to better.

I imagine that some people feel that way about their jobs.  I'm not being insensitive to those who, at this time, do not have a job.  I'm saying that, for many who have jobs, there comes a time when, one morning, it hits: "I do not want to go to work! I hate my job!"  I have been there.  And, that's why I'm no longer there.  Just saying that relieved quite a bit of anxiety, and actually added pep to my step as I went out to said job thereafter.  (At the time, I didn't use the term "Kryptonite", but the idea was the same.  There was that something that was debilitating to my "superwoman-ness".)  I was then able to put some constructive effort into the job hunt.

It goes without saying but, I'll say it anyway.  The good things?  Let's be brave and call them what they are, too.  If someone makes you feel good; lifts your spirit and all that jazz, for some, it takes a bit of courage to come out and say so.  But, again, you'll feel so much better if you do.  And that's like...like a breath of fresh air.



  1. Hello, Ms. Claudia ~ I came by to read this last night, often when it is late evening, my comprehension function is more shall we say 'shut-down'. I knew I needed to get back by here today!
    * * *
    Upon re-read, I totally agree. There's just times when either people or situations are 'negative' to us ~ Kyrptonite to us exactly as you say it. We have to decide to stay, go, let go. I believe this about our individual 'life lessons'. What did we learn or did we learn, how did we grow or did we grow? The very first step during the journey is recognition and being honest about it exactly like you said, knowing it is 'Kryptonite' we are dealing with.
    * * *
    Sending you best wishes and regards today Ms. Claudia. Thanks for a thoughtful blog post.

    1. Hi Ms Kaye!

      Those are really key questions: What did I learn? How did I grow? We're all a work in progress. But, those questions, along with the courage and honesty to name the thing, frees us up to work on other areas of our lives - instead of the same areas, over and over and over...

      Thanks, Ms. Kaye. So glad you re-visited :)