Friday, 29 July 2011

"Dying Swan"

Here I am, all alone, by choice
By my stupid, punishing, frustrating choice.
I cling to every hint of reason
That tells me I'm in the right.
With all my might I try to find
That great redeemer in  my mind.

If I were brave, I'd say, "Return."
"Return," I'd plead, "to me, with love.
The love that caused you to hate and hurt
With the passion that was meant for the lover."

These arms and lips, they yearn for you.
The dying swan's first song is almost through.

Oct. 29, 1989

Monday, 18 July 2011


My wall broke this morning.
My prison of supposed defence
Came down block by block.

And I stood
For a moment, I held my breath
And nothing happened.
Nothing would happen.
And I exhaled.

When I spoke,
At that moment
I broke
Into laughter, with joy.

For I realized
That I was now FREE!


Friday, 8 July 2011


My most beautiful moments
Have been with you
Under a black velvet sky -
By the sea -
You, my dreams and me.

With your laughter,
You share the music of my heart
The rhythms of my soul
All that I've longed for
To have and to hold...

On to your thoughts
That you share with me.
You touch. I feel.
There's more to meeting than just company.

My most beautiful moments
Sharing our laughter, our thoughts
With the wind.  By the sea.
You, our dreams and me.

Feb. 8, 1993