Monday, 18 April 2011

This one's for my sisters - my girls!

They would not have seen this coming.  An entire blog post dedicated to my sisters!  Figure it's pretty much due and what better time to give the shout out, than the post post my birthday when I turned forty.  I hope not to use the term "4 O" as it sounds so round and full.  For-ty... sounds so pre-tty.  Hey!  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

They were gems when it came to recognizing the day and giving it distinction.   But, this isn't about the day.  This is about why I think they are so very special.  And its certainly not an exhaustive commentary.  Just a synopsis, really.


Yes.  My mom is my older sister.  See, I'm her eldest daughter but she has long been my older sis.  Make no mistake, she was mother first.  The usual - strict, stern, and supportive.  But then, she was also fun, great company, encouraging, rock, prayer partner, cheerleader and my biggest fan. Pretty soon, she became one of my best friends.  I've mentioned in this blog (descriptor) and elsewhere, that securing my website was as a direct result of her encouragement to create my own.  Her two thumbs up constitute the vote of confidence from which I derive much motivation for cyopro.   She continues to love, support me and cheer me on!  Thanks, Mommy.


Aka Empress.  She has a quiet spirit and a pleasant and disarming charm.   She uses that charm almost mercilessly...just kidding.  She uses it, but only 'cause she is who she is.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  While being the predominantly pleasant person she is, she has also demonstrated much kindness.  It's a kindness that allows her to share her daughter (my niece) with me.  From very near the beginning of motherhood, she has demonstrated a level of trust and confidence in my love of her and her daughter.  I admire that ('cause not all (new) mothers are like that). And I am thankful for it.


Aka Latzart.  She follows Empress.  She is rather "free spirited" in a cautious (!) use of the term.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, too.  But, what I really admire is that she loves us fiercely.  Do not mess with me.  She will cut you. (In a manner of speaking, i.e.)  She makes me feel that there is a special place in her heart for me.  I know that there is for each of us, but, I feel it.  And I am thankful for it.


Aka Zap.  She came along when I was just fourteen.  Shortly after she was born, we went to visit a neighbourhood that we'd left many years before.  I overhead someone ask my dad whether she was my daughter.  (He was used to only three of us.)  My dear dad explained she was their fourth.  Still, that never left.  Like, never.  Whenever the two of us are together - away from the rest of the family - almost invariably, someone will ask whether she's my daughter.  And almost invariably we add, "We get that a lot!" to the usual response, "No. We're sisters."  Zap has given me much practice for when my time comes for real real motherhood :-)   The fact that we've lived together - just the two of us - a couple times, has helped us to learn each other.  I really admire that she gets me. Period.  We know the difference between (and the sources of), "I don't recall" and "I can't recall".  She knows when it's time for us to build THE circle, close it around ourselves and exclude present (and usually annoying) company.  Zap continues to be an honest critic, yet loving supporter, on my writing journey.  We've already agreed that she'll get front seats to my first play!


For all of them, I am thankful - ever so thankful to God - for the love that they continue to show and the respect that they continue to give.  Thankful, too, that they get it that I am looking out for their best, even when I'm being anal.  A so di ting set!  (It is what it is!)

Girls, how wonderful life is, [that] you're in my woooorrllld!

Love you, lots!  Muuuaaahhh!!!


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