Saturday, 8 January 2011

Two things on my heart and mind this week

Ever had a week like this one?


I'm pretty sure that several million wonderful things happened this week; several million thought-provoking things did too.  Gladly, they didn't all come my way.  Of those that did, however, I'd like to remark a bit on the two that made quite an impact.


The decision by NewSouth Books in Alabama to publish a new edition of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn.  This time around, the n-word (insert air quotes at will) is to be replaced by the word "slave".  As I see it, such a replacement betrays the lack of understanding of the use of the word in the first place. I'd like to believe that the Twain chose his words very carefully; each was used on purpose.  Can we really say that the n-word was used to indicate, for need of a better term, Jim's "job description" or where Jim stood on the food chain - as property?  Wasn't its use more about hammering home the mentality of the white folks in their total disregard of Jim; their acceptance of his non-status?  "Slave Jim" doesn't quite carry the same ring.

The comments across cyberspace have been many and varied:  Political correctness has reached a new low; the use of the n-word is a strong argument for the anti-racist nature of the work; there are those who believe that Twain's work needs correcting...

My main questions: Will erasing it make it all go away? And, having begun this, where does it end?


Ted Williams and his golden voice.  My sis sent me that clip from Yahoo on Thursday, January 6.  When Ted (yes, it's Ted now) started speaking, I raised my eyebrow and tilted my head - shocked and trying to figure out how he swallowed that radio!  Literally, overnight, the man went from homelessness into the homes of millions.  He has been flown hither and yon for interviews and talk shows; offered numerous jobs; offered a mortgage.  According to Ted, it's been "outrageous", "phenomenal".  He landed a voice-over gig with Kraft.  It's been nothing short of spectacular, really.   I just pray that God surrounds him with people who has his best interest at heart.  He has acknowledged God working in his life.  He actually echoed something my sis was pointing out just the other day as we spoke about a related topic pre-Ted: "If you're going to give [to the homeless]...give from the heart."  May he make the best of this life-changing opportunity.

Ted Williams' story is a heartwarming story.  His is a miraculous story.   There's one thought that is predominant as I read or listen or view more and more of it:

This is how God rolls.  There is nothing too hard for Him.


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