Sunday, 19 December 2010

When you don't know the difference you make

First things first. I missed posting on the 18th. I'm not gonna beat myself up over it.  Not more than is necessary. 

To those who read this blog - yes, all three of you :-) - I'm sorry I didn't make it yesterday as scheduled.  I could tell you why but it may come off sounding like an excuse, rather than a reason.  Anyway, it's along the lines of the being there for someone vs. getting to do what I wanted when I wanted.  

Choices. Such a big concept engulfed in a rather small word. We make 'em every day and we suffer, or enjoy, the consequences or rewards of them. And, more often than not, I find that the after-effects would be more appropriately deemed the "long after" effects.  I tweeted something the other day about doing for only one but how much it may make a difference to that one. Little did I realize that that phenomenon was being manifested in a single, long-forgotten act of mine. This blog shows up on my page at MarCom Professional.  An alert came in a few days ago that someone had commented on a post. I checked and was truly surprised. It's not clear why the other alerts hadn't come in but, there were about six or so comments from April of this year on the same post.  What 
took me aback, however, was the sentiment expressed in many of the comments. Essentially, the poem I had shared, "When God wants a man", spoke to their hearts; was a real blessing.  And the fact that they took the time to let me know that, spoke to mine.  A few also let me know the name of the author: Henry Francis Lyte, 
a Scottish Anglican Hymnwriter who penned "Abide with me". To think, folks were being touched in such a meaningful way by that single act of sharing!   

Because of that, I have been encouraged to keep writing; to keep writing this blog; to hold precious the opportunity...the privilege I have to share something with others. Hopefully, for the most part, it'll be something that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. Even one other. I so believe in ripple effects...   

Of course, it has reinforced my resolve to use my gift, my talent, to the last; to strive to live the life that matters and use up every single solitary drop.         


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