Friday, 18 June 2010

Today is a better day!

I'm all smiles as I write this because, it's not so much that today is a good day? It's more so that yesterday was a wonderful day!!!

What, pray tell, could have brought on this episode of ecstasy? Well, no less than the fact that I applied for my job! :-) Too funny.

I have been working, since January 2010, in a new agency - within the government of Ontario - under contract. The contract has since been renewed. Joyfully, however, the position was advertised as a permanent one about two weeks ago. There are four in all to be had - three perm and one temp (12-month).

Taking nothing for granted - not the fact that my immediate as well as senior managers have constantly praised my work; not the fact that they have copied other members of senior management while doing so; not the fact that colleagues have shared with me what they have heard about me from senior managers nor the fact that I was the second Advisor hired in this position and have been working hard - I worked long and hard, with nuff prayers, on the application. I submitted it yesterday and it did indeed feel like a load off my shoulders. Thank You God!

Apparently, too, I was right in my approach. Someone mentioned to me that just because we (three of us) now occupy these positions, does it mean that they will automatically be given to us.

Hmm. Communications, Public Relations, Outreach and Education. As Monk would say, "It's what I do - and I'm good at it." :-)


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