Monday, 28 June 2010

Easy, Breezy Summer Evening

It kinda feels like the summer that it is. It's a little after 10:00PM and I still have the door to the balcony open. I have a lovely view from this here 16th floor - lake, and lights - all the way to Hamilton, it seems :-)

Got in this afternoon after a dreary day at work. It wasn't about work. It was about how drained and de-energized I felt getting in this morning. I fell asleep pretty late last night and the day had been pretty taxing, too. Discovered a new park and all. The sweltering warmth and humidity of the morning didn't help. Then there was the left-over mental drag of the horrors of the G20-related protests that went awry in Toronto over the weekend.

By the time I got to lunch, I was pooped, man! Definitely more concerned about finding a spot to get some shut eye. But, I resisted; told myself only a few more hours to go and set out to get some drywall screws. Another story.

One veggie dog later, I was back at work, getting a few things done.

At long last, it was time to leave. Hit the street to Union, all the while thinking about two things: getting my freebie smoothie (matcha!) and catching the next train. Funny, but the very day I was rushing, was the day a newbie prepared my freebie. Took a about two minutes longer than usual - I even encouraged her to ask for help! I caught the train.

Once home, I washed up a bit and hit the sack. I was out for about 3 hours!

So, yeah. Definitely enjoying this lovely, easy, breezy summer evening now. Because I can.


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