Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Outlook: Sunshine!

My favourite flower is the sunflower. I decided that sometime after seeing the movie, "Calendar Girls". For one, the poem was lovely. For two, it represents and totally reminds me of my favourite color - yellow - as well as my general outlook: Bright!

Recently, I've taken to the colour purple and, on many occasions, red. But, yellow has been at the top since early childhood.

So, I got a few artificial sunflowers the other day. And they do look lovely sitting there on my dining table.

They also remind me, now, of my very apt pet name for my niece: Sunshine. 'Cause she's just that.

In just a few days she will be here - joined by her parents, of course! I'm about to grow from one to four.

Sign of an abundance of rain and things to come!!! TYG!


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