Thursday, 28 January 2010

iPad? Really, Steve?

And the hits just keep on coming!

I got more than a bellyful of laughs yesterday talking to my sis on the phone. (Just your regular ol’ BlackBerry. Nothing to see here, folks!)

She was conveying the quips that one of her fb friends kept rolling in, re the newly launched iPad. I was on the GO train and really couldn’t LOL! But, still, that didn’t keep the tears from brimming.

So, along the lines of:
• Well, Apple used to work hard at preventing leaks!
• Wireless. No strings attached. Period.
• Feeling bloated? There’s an app for that!
(Then he goes: “I’ll be here all week!”)

Another friend said something about the tablets, the excitement and the 10 commandments.

Personally, I think that it was a very creative move - capturing that middle-ground between laptop and iPhones. Apple now has representation from one end to the other (the ends we have in sight at the moment, anyway). Not so sure what the level of satisfaction is yet, however. (And that doesn’t mean I’m very keen on finding out.) As a friend of mine emailed last night, “I was intrigued until I realized it was just an oversized iPhone.”

I’m certainly not just going by that single take, but, I wonder whether there’s a collective yawn vs. a ka-ching! moment for Apple.

In the meantime, while we wait for the iPad to hit the market (and for the name to grow on the rest of us), have a go at your own quip, and check out a few others.

(Now the entire article is through subscription only? They sure worked fast, didn’t they?)


Monday, 18 January 2010

Undivided attention...for the moment

On a global level, it’s amazing how short our attention span can get with news being fed every second.

So, right now, it’s all about Haiti and how they are coping with the effect of the 7.0 earthquake that hit on January 12, 2010. And rightly so. For better or for worse, the eyes of the world are upon this little country. Many have hit out as to the “cause” for such a blow; many have rushed to her shores to help; many have been stalled in their efforts. (The irony is that the influx of immediate help has caused huge logistic problems in getting help directly to those who need it most.) And, there are many who’ve set out to write about Haiti; put things in context etc. How poignant the sentiment I read a couple days ago: “We are in a moment of disaster.”

Generally, though, many have been giving – no passing of judgment; no hope for anything in return – just giving. And that, is heartening!

Perhaps next month, when something else would have arisen to shift our attention, help for Haiti will still occupy a prominent position on the world’s action – not To Do – list.


Friday, 8 January 2010

...and counting!

Well, whaddya know? The previous post was the 50th one! I'm like, wow, who would've thunk it? I'm pretty psyched about that, as you can guess, as it means I've held the commitment to writing.

I would be the first to admit it (if asked:) Sometimes the writing isn't the most interesting piece of work I put out there, but, always, it's honest. And that has to count for sopm, right?

In my book it does :) (OK. Lemme tone down the self aggrandizement a bit :) Truth is, though, I'm glad I've kept at it. That's 50 posts and counting...right into the new year, too!

What a glorious way to start 2010? I love, (did I mention this before?) just loooove the beginning of a new year! It's like, the scales of the old year (I somehow always think of it using this metaphor) are immediately peeled off and reveals a fresh, new, vibrant, exciting, radiant, shiny, bright and hopeful time. It's as if I'm given a brand-spanking new canvass and I have the opportunity to do excellent work with it!

And so I shall! I rang in 2010 at a church service and what a way to do it, too?! I s'pose that also adds to my feeling of "starting out on the right foot". I now look forward to the new position/role I will be filling come next week. I've been assured that it's an exciting one ("not your usual government desk job"); one that promises to draw from my strong communication, education and outreach suite of skills.

My mission? To perform my job with excellence, doing it as unto God.

For right now, though, I shall continue to enjoy the company of my niece in the last few days of my 3-wk vacation. Her parents have been kind enough to allow her to sleep over :-) and it's been a blast.

Oh, one of my Rotties, Tara, had pups. I got here when they were still under a week old. Mother and pups are doing well. Haven't yet introduced them to papa. In time. In time. Now, they're growling and barking up a storm.

And, maybe, just maybe, this is the year when I'll fall in love. Again. This time, meet the man who's right for me, at the right time...

It'd be nice to fall in love, actually.