Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Heads-up! We’re bottoming out.

Are we getting too low for comfort? Well, it seems that those who are getting that low (IMO), are clearly comfortable with it. Perhaps, in that thought process, it’s not a measure or judgment of “low-ness” or fnoabw, depth. It may well be, perhaps, simply a matter of a new territory. There’s no hole being dug, no ladder being climbed. It’s just …virgin territory.

We live on a planet that has become tough, cynical, insatiable, impatient, (instant-coffee-is-too-slow), with numerous persons walking around individually-wrapped in a very real fear of being lost in the crowd. So, what do they do? Try – even if it means being egregious – to stand out from the other six billion plus people.

At one point or another, most people have pondered the why-am-I-here? question. And, along the continuum of that thought, may come the will-I-be-missed-when-I’m-gone? question. So, somewhere in-between, you try to “do something” that will attest to the fact that you were here, and hope that that “something” is the purpose for which you were placed here. (“Hope is not a method” as the General’s book is so aptly titled. But that’s for another time.)

Now, my question is: Does that “something” that you do to distinguish you from every other human being before, during and after your presence here have to be as obtuse as tweeting to the social media community at the very moment that you are doing something as serious as, say, being pronounced husband to your new wife? Hmm? Seems like some are willing to do whatever it takes to make some record or the other. Doesn’t matter which one. Just have history recording that, “I was the first to …”

You know what’s scary? The kinds of stunts that this guy’s protégés are going to pull to try to top that.

I’d say we’re bottoming out – and, where is the bottom, anyway?


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