Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Right Stuff

Made a sharp intake of breath just now. Remember that show? Anyway, it’s getting toward the end of another nice day and my eyes are tired. My tummy is, ok, admittedly full. But, it’s with all nutritious stuff.

I’ve gone veggies and fish for a year. (Not sure whether I’d mentioned that before and it’d take me time that I don’t have now to check through the archive.) So, I’m making that extra effort to take in the right stuff. (Great article by Dr. Vendryes here, btw.)

Ever since my early teens, I made the decision to stay away from gravy and sauce and the like. I’m not a fan of beef (except in Jamaican Beef Patties), like fish and chicken, and (not: but) I do love pork. Moreover, I absolutely enjoy fruits and most veggies!

So, this new diet since January 1, 2009 hasn’t been that difficult to maintain. The ‘extra’ in the “extra effort”, really has to do with the sweet-tooth part of it.

Sure, now and again I indulge in a little ice-cream. Gotta tell you though, if I’m gonna do that, I make it rich!

Nuff said.


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