Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Yesterday was the day of the memorial service held in honour of Michael Jackson. The service was held at the Staples Center in "The City of Angels", Califor-ni-a, but attended by millions around the world - thanks to the Internet and a host of insatiable media.

"Communal sorrow is moving," a New York Times writer scripted in a column yesterday. Nicely put.

The "This is It" tour that never was, seemed to have metamorphosed into a last staging. Even though others performed and spoke, in death, Michael was still the star of the event. As huge as he was, he remains dead. His music, however, will live in the hearts of millions for generations to come.

I hope that it serves to inspire others to do and give their very best. That's what I'll miss most - for a while, I imagine - his being around giving of his best in his performance.

Marshall McLuhan said the medium is the message/massage. There is definitely, in many quarters, a not-so-latent loathing of, or disgust with, the cruel, scathing (especially USA) media that gave him hell for the past 20 or so years, and in recent days somehow seemed bent on having a ratings feeding frenzy at the late entertainer's and family's expense? Ugh! What would you expect from a hog but a grunt? The way they were carrying on, you'd never believe it was the same set of media houses. Still, the message of the masses was too great to ignore. They refused to collectively hear or speak anything that would detract from the man, his music and his message. The media simply had to hitch a ride on the bandwagon - if they knew what was good for them.

Apparently, they did.


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