Saturday, 9 May 2009

The ninth month


Did I really miss my date yesterday? I try to post on the days with 8 in them. Somehow, I missed the date for the post on the 8th. This, in my 9th month of posting. I guess it's just fitting, then, that I do it on the 9th day.

I heard that 8 is the number that signifies new beginnings (as opposed to...?) Anyway, that's why I chose to post and publish on the 8s - even bearing the time in mind.

The latest and greatest? Where do I begin? I've been asked to speak at a Mothers' Day service. Mos def looking forward to that. I feel, 'ow you say? Right on track. And that's one of the best feelings in the world.

This just in - this week, at any rate: I was recommended for a new position in a Branch that, like, totally has my name on it. Hmm. This feels so good.

I'm pumped! I'm psyched! I'm on the way ...home!

Sydney Bristow was right. "There's no drug like adrenaline."

(Btw, I love ALIAS. Got all 5 seasons in my Rambaldi box. But, am I the only one that finds Wikipedia's provision of extensive biographical info on fictional characters both cool and disturbing at the same time? Hmm?)


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