Thursday, 28 May 2009

Adventures of the hair kind

"Don't mess too much with your hair, for by the time you're 40, it'll look 85."

Remember that quote from the piece I've affectionately titled, "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen"? Well, I've never been one to "mess too much" with my hair. Had a temp burgundy-ish rinse in once, but nothing more than the occasional braid. (And, when I was much younger, I'd had it in a boy-ish low cut.) In sporting my relaxed coif, though, I just don't do stuff with it or to it. Not out of fear that anything would go awry. Just...not into adventures of the hair kind.

Until now.

I'm actually thinking seriously about relaxing it (ho-hum) and coloring it (sunset red with streaks of copper) and cutting it (any style would fit - I have that kinda face).

If and when I do get all that done, I s'pose I should post a pic for proof.

Hm. OK. So, maybe I should think seriously about thinking seriously about it...and take it from there.

Cold feet? Perhaps a tad chilly.


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