Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour Power, Baby!

Earth Hour, 8:30pm - 9:30pm. It's now 8:45pm, EST. So, how does Earth look from the window of an airplane right about now? I've been wondering about that. No pic of that yet from the TV stations I've been surfing. Ah well.

My lights are off - save for the tiny night light, for my cat. Really.

There have been a few pics of iconic landmarks that are hardly distinguishable at the moment - CN Tower, TO, Ontario; Times Square, NY, New York; Pyramids in Egypt...

Sooo, the significance of this move[ment]? Collectively, the world can save a mind-boggling amount of energy/power in an hour. (Figures will flow post-event, no doubt.) I'm pretty sure the question has been asked time and again. How about doing this more often?

Ah. A friend of mine had a saying, "Used to is a heck of a thing, eh?" That's just it, really. We've become used to using far more than we need.

But, no need to spell out all of that. Let's just do what we can on a personal and daily level to help save energy.

This just in from CBC: Toronto Hydro reporting that in 25 mins, 12.6% drop in energy use in TO alone. Last year, an 8% drop in the entire hour! Way to go, TO!!!

Well, lemme save even more energy by shutting down this computer. I'm not afraid of the dark :) As is written, even the darkness shall be light about me...

8:58PM EST


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